Divya Raja (Batch of 2014-15)

Roots Knowledge Centre is committed to molding us, who aspire to become montessorians, into confident individuals with all-round expertise.  All Montessori materials are readily available & we are given sufficient number of hours for practical sessions.  Sufficient practice helped me to give presentations well once I began working with children. The observations of children at work helped me to understand the teaching methods.  The techniques of imparting history, science, geography, botany & zoology make learning interesting for children. While at work with them, I saw how much they loved performing science experiments! Writing assignments took away most of my time at home but it was worth all the hours spent as it helped to understand the theory behind each activity we present to the child. Opportunities for presenting activities designed by us and for public speaking helped in expressing our creativity and ideas.


The time I spent here means much more than a degree to me... I have gained knowledge about the Montessori Method & special education. I hope I will be able to make the best use of it in the lives of little children!

Sumathi Bharadwaj (Batch of 2014-15)

My tryst with the Montessori training course at RKC was out of sheer curiosity to know how my two children at Roots Montessori learnt many things and were so happy going to school.

The experience of sitting in a classroom with 25 other enthusiasts was very encouraging right from day one.  The theory and practical sessions were very informative and the excellent faculty made sure I looked forward to going to the class every day. Added to that was the classroom atmosphere where freedom of expression and the opportunity to learn using personal & collective experiences were encouraged. I wish my earlier school/college days were equally enriching.

As a parent, the course helped me understand and learn aspects such as accepting children as they are, being realistic with my expectations and managing them. Personally, the course helped me realise my strengths, made me confident and more organised.

Currently working as a Facilitator at one of the branches of Roots Montessori, I am thoroughly enjoying working with children, assisting them in their learning and at the same time gaining new insights and experiences  myself – both academically and as an individual.

As it is said, it’s never too late to start and learning never stops!