Pruthvi Banwasi

Founder-Director and Faculty member
Educational background: Bachelors in Arts, M.A (Child Mental Health), Diploma in Montessori Education, Diploma in Counseling
After a successful career in event management, Pruthvi got interested in early childhood education when his son was born. He founded Roots Montessori in 2004. His strengths include strategy, people management, communication and infectious energy. He is an avid theatre enthusiast, columnist for a local newspaper and a sought after public speaker

Pranothi Banwasi

Founder and Faculty member
Educational background: MSc in Botany; Diploma in Montessori Education from IMTC; B.Ed; Certificate program in management and leadership development from ISB-Goldman Sachs
Pranothi started her career as a lecturer and later got interested in preschool education. She gained hands on experience of working with young children before moving into school administration. Her strengths include sound technical knowledge, planning, communication and attention to detail. Her interests include Yoga, music and creative writing

Ms. Amolika Lavate

Director (Training), Roots Knowledge Centre
Educational Qualification: Bachelor in Computer Engineering, Diploma in Montessori Method of Education
Amolika is a highly dedicated educational professional with many years of experience in the field of Montessori Education. With her creativity and knowledge she adopts innovative ways of teaching that will enhance the learning experience at RKC. Amolika’s experience in the software industry has helped her enhance her interpersonal skills as well work in liaison with her team. She has varied interests from cooking, painting, reading to solving Su-Doku puzzles.
About her role at RKC, Amolika says” I find it exciting and challenging to create new concepts and activities where learning is made fun and exciting. Roots believe in giving freedom in exploring, be it with the child or an adult, which has given me an opportunity to explore, express ideas and implement them.”

Ms. Akhila Dinesh

Course Co-ordinator, Roots Knowledge Centre
Educational background: Bachelor of Arts, Diploma in Montessori Education, IMTC, Bangalore
Akhila’s strengths are her ability to gel effortlessly with children and adults alike; creating Interactive lessons; material making and student motivation. She has experience of working with children in both Montessori and traditional environments. She has also led academic teams in schools. Being a very creative person, she is a multifaceted personality with many interests. She is a Bharatanatyam Dancer and a theatre artiste. Her hobbies also include Reading, Quizzing, Traveling, Music, Costume Designing.
About her role at RKC, Akhila says ’Working at Roots Knowledge Centre has been like a culmination of working with children in a Montessori Environment. I have tried to pass on anecdotes of my experiences with children to the trainees. I enjoy working at ROOTS as the work atmosphere is very friendly. There is a lot of scope for learning and self improvement too.’

Ms. S.P.Sunaina

Course Co-ordinator, Roots Knowledge Centre
Educational background: Bachelor of Commerce, Diploma in Montessori Education, IMTC, Bangalore
Sunaina is a dedicated person who helps to bring out the best in people. Her friendly nature makes everyone around her comfortable.
Her interests include creating accessories for girls and terracotta painting.
Sunaina’s views” Roots has always been very encouraging, motivating and flexible. All this makes work enjoyable.”